San woman, or Bushwoman (Namibia). Femme ethnie San.
San, or Bushmen (Namibia). Ethnie San, dite aussi Bushmen.
San, or Bushmen (Namibia). Ethnie San, dite aussi Bushmen.
San, or Bushmen (Namibia). Ethnie San, dite aussi Bushmen.
Marquesas tatoo (French Polynesia). Tatouage des Marquises.
Inuit fisherman (Northern Greenland). Pêcheur Inuit (Nord du Groenland).
A Chinese farmer, at home (Yunnan, China). Déjeuner inoubliable chez cette dame.
Vietnamese old woman, black Hmong tribe (Lao Chai, Vietnam). Ethnie Hmong noir.
Vietnamese little girl (Dak Lak province, Vietnam). Petite vietnamienne.
Young monk (Angkor Wat, Cambodge). Jeune moine.
Khosa teenager, tribal painting (South Africa). Jeune fille ethnie Khosa.
Native Indian, Stampede parade in the streets of Calgary (Alberta, Canada). Indien d'Amérique, en parade dans les rues de Calgary à l'occasion du festival Stampede.
A cow-boy, a real one! (Alberta, Canada). L'un des derniers cow-boys canadiens.
Docker, Sunda Kelapa harbour (Java, Jakarta, Indonesia).
Young Dayak (Kalimantan, Borneo, indonesia). Jeune homme ethnie Dayak.
Chief of a Bushmen / San nomadic village (Namibia). Chef d'un village nomade San.
Bedouin young woman (South Egypt).
Young Morrocan woman (Marrakech, Morroco). Jeune marocaine.
Mum and girl (Cat Island, Bahamas). Mère et fille.
Chinese woman (Beijing, China).
Smile from Shangri La province not too far from Tibet (China).
Young girl from Saint-Marteen (French Indies, Caribbean). Adolescente au festival de Saint-Martin (Antilles françaises).
Little Vietnamese girl, Mhong Hum tribe (Sapa province, Vietnam). Fillette ethnie Mhong Hum.
Woman from Mhong tribe (Lao Chai village, Vietnam). Ethnie Mhong.
Woman with black ink tainted teeth (Vietnam). Femme aux dents teintées d'encre noire.
Young girl from the Maldives.
Fisherman from the Maldives.
Woman from the Maldives.
Young man from Barbados (Barbados, Caribbean).
Fisherwoman from the Tai O village (Lantau Country Park, Hong Kong). Pêcheuse du village de Tai O.
Young woman from Bimini island (Bahamas).
Young student from Bimini (Bahamas).
Sultanate of Oman.
Iban tribe (Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia).
Iban tribe (Sarawak, Borneo, Malaysia).
Lombok, Indonesia.
Lombok, Indonesia.
Lombok, Indonesia.
Young boy from Segenter village (Lombok, Indonesia).
Grandma from Segenter village (Lombok, Indonesia).
Lombok, Indonesia.
Lombok, Indonesia.
Young Sasak boy dancing (Lombok, Indonesia). Enfant Sasak danseur.
Khardung village, Trashigang district (Eastern Bhutan).
Woman smoking with friends (Rajasthan, India). Femme fumant avec ses amies.

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